Mindfulness & Self-care

To be the most vibrant and 'full-of-life' version of yourself requires self-care and a growth mindset!

Get practiced at mindful activities. Express your core.  



Being present in the moment.

Being able to maintain control of your less healthy emotions.

Being able to self-soothe and calm.

Being mentally richer.

Practice mindfulness and improve your ability to do these things.

Harley Bird & Co promote mindfulness in our annual 'Hang on with Harley' Campaigns. We also collect ideas on ways to be mindful for young and old. Browse our Pinterest board on this topic.

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Positive Affirmations

The use of positive affirmations with yourself, and with your child can make an immensely powerful shift in the way you view the world and approach each day.

Harley Bird & Co provide our own affirmations and a collection of those from others that resonated with us, via our various social media accounts. (Links in footer)

Want affirmations right now? Get them from our Pinterest board on this topic.

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Art Therapy

The psychology of colour and construct of your compositions can provide insights into your inner self. Let that creative out.

Allow yourself to be 'arty' and 'crafty' and reap the personal wellness benefits.

Harley Bird & Co provide some ideas & services, but we also collect ideas from others that may be of value for you. See our Pinterest board on this topic.