Make Money

It is easier to criticise those who create; than it is to be courageous and create your own self. Be courageous with me.
— Kim, Owner of Harley Bird & Co

How can you create your own abundant business with essential oils?

dōTERRA enjoyed a 71.9 percent retention rate in 2017, compared to a direct selling industry average near 10 percent. What does this mean to you? After joining dōTERRA, your customers will likely reorder, continue to share dōTERRA products, or build a dōTERRA business. Why?

  • Customers and Wellness Advocates are satisfied with product value
  • High satisfaction levels lead to a desire to share products and success with others
  • Product sales leaders recognize the value of dōTERRA’s powerful compensation plan

What is this?

This is a wonderful, totally optional part of having a Wellness Advocate account with dōTERRA - You can choose to BUILD. Harley Bird & Co love to support kind hearts on this growth journey and we will teach you just how simple it can be to create a thriving, ethical, joyful and truly abundant business.

To find out more about the option of earning with dōTERRA, please contact me.


What do you need to get started?

  • a current Wellness Advocate account
  • A bit of knowledge from dōTERRA & myself
  • Enthusiasm, patience and persistence
  • Leverage 'Fast Start' where you can
  • A willingness to grow on a personal level
  • It is advisable to have the Home Essentials kit as your starting point for business building, but this is not essential.

What can you expect?

You dictate the pace at which you grow your business by way of the time and energy you are willing and able to invest.

You can grow a business with only a few oils. (It helps to be able to let others smell the oils, perhaps try a sample.) But you can also grow with an online presence. So there is limited financial investment to get started.

The amount you can earn is really quite limitless. dōTERRA is not a pyramid scheme and you can easily outrank people above you. It is a direct selling company where you are rewarded for sharing!

You can enrol people from most places around the world.

You will need to have a qualifying order of 100PV in place to earn commission in any particular month. Choosing to not order simply means that you don't earn commission and loyalty points - but you can still build. At your own pace!

You will be part of a supportive and inspiring community, and learning resources will be available to you.

You will grow in your own voice.