Harley Bird's Favourite Enrolment Kits

When you enrol as a Wellness Advocate or as a Wholesale customer, your enrolment fee is included AND more importantly you make significant savings over purchasing individual oils. These are great ways to get started properly! The 2017/2018 Australian prices are shown. Contact me for the price in your country.

HE Kit2017.PNG

Home Essentials Kit

Best Value. Perfect Start.

Whether you want to try oils in multiple aspects fo your life (caring, cleaning, cooking) or you want to start growing your own business, all you need is in this kit!

Compared to indiviudal oil purchases, this kit offers the most savings.

Harley Bird & Co started with this kit, and we have not regretted it. Every oil has been used in multiple ways, and there is so many diffuser blend combinations with this powerhouse selection. And, we can cook with several of these oils!

emotions kit.PNG

Emotional Aromatherapy Kit

Reward Yourself

The customised blends in this kit are aromatherapy genuis! All constituents are provided in the correct proportions to promote particular moods. This removes any guess work, and you can jump straight into using them.

Harley Bird & Co uses these blends so extensively that we have multiple bottles in various locations!

Our only caution is that you potentially miss out on all the additional caring, cooking and cleaning options that the other kits provide.

fe kit.PNG

Essential Collection Kit with Smart&Sassy

Budget Savvy & still a bit Sassy

So you want to get the savings benefits of a kit, but you want to minimise initial outlay? This kit could be for you. You get to try all the oils from the Home Essentials kit, only in smaller quantities. And, you get Smart & Sassy - the metabolic blend - which is great to refresh your drinking water; manage sugar cravings, and also as a motivating blend in the diffuser. (You will still need to get a diffuser.)

ns kit.PNG

Nature's Solution Kit

Revamp of your life!

This kit has everything you need to get cracking at cleaning up your cleaning habits; sprucing up your mental wellness; and spicing up some cooking with oils.

Had this been available when Harley Bird & Co got started, this would have been the kit we would have started with. (As we ultimately purchased all the items included in it anyway.)

Two of the oil blends are from the Mood Management Kit: Lavender Peace and Citrus Bliss. We use Lavender Peace everynight as part of our bedtime practices. It is our favourite. Citrus bliss, with its motivating citrus and vanilla soft tones, is ideal for getting us started each day.


oil sharing kit.PNG

Oil Sharing Kit

Building Big from the Start

If you are deadset on being a big business builder from the start, and you have the funds, then this is the kit to go with! (Plus you get all those LRP credits towards future purchases.)

This kit includes the contents of the Home Essentials Kit, the Mood Management Kit, the Aromatouch Kit, and several more individual oils (like Past Tense, Cilantro and Grapefruit).

Please notice that for some oils you will receive a few bottles of each. This is to help you get sharing with others in big quantities from the start.

If you are keen and purchase this kit, please contact me so that I can help you with business direction and contacts that will make your life so much easier as you get started with holding classes and sharing oils with others.

touch kit.PNG

doTERRA Touch Kit

On the Go, No Time to Dilute

This touch kit comes with 10 premade rollerballs of the Home Essentials oils (excluding Lemon), diluted with fractionated conocut oil. This enables you to use them straight away with your kids. They are super handy to carry in a bag, or on travels. The beadlets are so convenient for carrying with me.

Whilst I could have made up my own rollerballs using the oils from my Home Essentials Kit, I did eventually buy this touch kit because the rollers are so beautifully packaged, and the dilution ratios right for what I need on my travels.

I consider diluting some of these further if I am going to use for very young children and small animals.

aromatouch kit.PNG

Aromatouch Professional Kit

Massage Master Mix

If using essential oils whilst giving or receiving a massage is your first intended use of these oils, then this is the kit for you. It has a five of the Home Essentials Kit oils, and it has the beautiful grounding blend - Balance, the spa blend - Aromatouch, and Wild Orange. 

The fractionated coconut oil is ideal for use in massage, as it is not 'greasy', and does not have a fragrance that could shadow that of the oils being applied.