Hang on With Harley Campaigns

Mental health is a very important topic to me. Having experienced my own mental health challenges, I appreciate the stigmas that are faced with mental health, and the frustrations that can be felt when trying to communicate about this topic. Open conversations about the realities of what we feel and think, and the illnesses that can affect us, could go a long way to helping more of us feel heard and supported. To this end, I run an annual campaign focused on having that conversation in a safe place with people of good intent. Given how good my birds have been for my mental health, it seems appropriate to share their antics as conversation starters in these campaigns.

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2018's campaign topic will be aligned again with World Mental Health Week, In October.

The nature of the campaign, will likely include a daily email and private facebook group. Please note that signing up to this campaign DOES NOT subscribe you to our general updates. You will always have the option of unsubscribing.


2017 Inaugural Campaign

This campaign was run in support of World Mental Health Week (9-13 October 2017), and the call to action from Mental Health Australia (1010.org.au), to: "reach out to people in my community and remember that one in five may be experiencing mental illness."

To do this, I invited members of the public to sign up for my "Hang on with Harley" online campaign. Those that signed up received a daily email that included reflection questions and mini-mindfulness challenges regarding mental health and wellness. We had an active private facebook group to discuss topics that came up during that week for us.