Creative Media

At my core, I want to share simple but powerful affirmations in a way that a child can internalise by way of allegories or tales. Life only gets tougher as we get older, and all efforts to strengthen a child’s ability to self-affirm their value - and continually find self-acceptance in spite of their external circumstances - I believe will be of worth. Build that growth mindset!


Messages for Me - Free eBook

What would you tell your 5yr-old self if you could?" I want to share our collective wisdom for the greater good! It can be as simple as "Don’t watch Lost" to as deep as "Don't feel lost.
I posed this question to those I value.

Their responses of beautiful wisdom have been compiled, alongside creative media featuring inspiring quotes and uplifting imagery.

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Bedtime Children's Stories

Visit with the flock with your loved littler ones in bedtime-story length, illustrated adventures. The images are colourfully-rich & filled with opportunities to prompt mindful reflection from your little one. Each story focuses on a particular affirmation that can be used when needed: "Remember that time when Harley Bird...     what did he learn...   what did he do... "

The stories are supported by a guide, which includes activities, interesting facts, and mindful ideas.

#positiveparrots planner

A free ‘growth mindset’ activity sheet to review the year that was with your child, and plan the goals for the year ahead. Nature-themed. Colour in while you chat about the year that was. Spot the hidden positive affirmations. Reflect on what they mean. Join the dots as you set goals for the year ahead. Gain insights.

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Mindful Art

Build patience and focus on letting yourself out. Throw away statements like: "I am not creative at all....It never looks like it is supposed to...I may as well give up now...I'm not arty enough..."

Be kind to your inner child and their artistic expressions; be these stick figures, broad brush strokes, or squiggles outside the lines!

  • Downloadable colouring-in sheets for all ages, including parent-child combinations.

  • Step-by-step illustrations and craft ideas.

  • Tactile crafts.


Art Services

Do you want a custom creation of your pet? I offer painting and illustration services, felting, wood burning, and polymer clay modelling. Contact me for a quote. Why not browse my Pinterest boards for ideas?