Off to a social start!

It has been a super start to 2018! Yes, January is typically very quiet in terms of essential oil classes. So I have put that energy to use elsewhere. I have been focused this month on growing my ability to build my business online and after hours, and find ways to support others in sharing oils and possibly growing their own oil business too. So what have I done?

I completed the portrait painting of Peanut the Rabbit, the prize I had offered at the end of December as part of Facebook page promotion. It was heart-warming experience to bring happiness to the day of someone else. I think this needs to become an annual competition!

peanut portrait.jpg

Harley Bird & Co Growth:
I have committed to start running frequent (every 2-3 weeks) online classes in DoTERRA oils online via Facebook. In particular, I want to upskill people in the safe use of oils around their furbabies. But, I will be covering a variety of topics so you will not likely get the same topic until 12 months time depending on popularity of topics. It means that I can do classes regardless of where I am in my travels, and where others are in their lives. It is so much more convenient for people to attend from the comfort of wherever they are. The only major downside is NOT being able to smell the oils at the time of the class. So, I have set up the ability to request samples via the facebook page or my website.
What this means for members of my flock? Instead of trying to get people together for a class (which can be difficult because everyone is so busy), instead ask me to run an online class for you. You are welcome to co-host, and any enrolments will be under YOU. You can also send people along to my open classes, but let me know who they are so that if they want to sign up, I can enrol them under you as your enrolments.

I have been growing the presence of Harley Bird & Co quite significantly.
In the past 3 weeks, I have grown my instagram following by 50%, my FB page following by about 25%, and managed to get a video of Goblin get 15k views! (and that is still growing).This has been through a combination of joining the right groups to share in, spreading content of the birds and oils, and the birds and oils together, and running my Free Pet Painting and FurValentines Promotions.

But what is the point of that growth if I cannot start to harness leads for my business growth? This brings me to Manychat. I am currently completing a course in which I am learning about messenger bots that smartly interact with Facebook page posts and events and people who take particular actions on a post. What this means is that we can start to interact with people (even while I am busy being an engineer by day) in a personable way and find out what their interests and needs are. Any sales interests nowadays requires multiple interactions but that are not spammy, and this will help me get started with that when I am not able to immediately respond. My messenger bot for sample selection is my first win!

So glad to have you along on this adventure!