Forcing one foot after the next

At the start of 2017, I decided that I was going to finally write and illustrate a children's bedtime book, challenging myself to complete 3 before 'giving up'. To date, I have written one. I have bought a digital tablet to learn how to illustrate electronically, and then I have stalled. Finding quiet times to postulate the adventures to be had by my critters, whilst working a challenging technical role during the day, and building my essential oils business after hours, has been tough.

I have also wandered off on side quests, to host 'cork and chroma' events with my neighbourhood, arrange small parties (including decor and catering), which have all been complementary towards my overall building goals. Nonetheless, they do not result in words about the birds in a magical forest.

So at the start of September I impulsively signed up for the first 'Social Media and Sales With Soul' online course offered by the imitable Jessie Reimers and social-savvy Kat Abanc. This was a very good decision, as it has stretched my knowledge, and kickstarted my online presence. The immediate culmination of which, is this website! So welcome readers!