I am determined to be 'fearlessly' creative,

to listen more closely to my imaginative inner child,

and to allow myself to chase my dreams in creating content beneficial for others. 

With honesty. With integrity. With mindfulness.


Harley Bird & Co is enabling me to build a creative endeavour beyond a single canvas, and focus on how I can help others - through mindful & creative play, and with essential oils.

Creative Media - At my core, I want to share simple but powerful affirmations in a way that can be internalised, typically by way of colourful tales and memorable imagery. Life only seems to get tougher as we age and experience the world. All efforts to strengthen a child’s ability to self-affirm their value - and sustain their self-acceptance in spite of their external circumstances - I believe will be of worth. Empowering people to foster their own resilience in simple ways, with purposeful play, is the aspiration. I believe that the means to do this can be, for many, through art and activities involving the imagination.

Creative Mindfulness - There are significant health benefits for those able to meditate and also approach situations with mindfulness. I personally struggle with meditation, and have found that currently the best way for me to calm and focus my racing mind, is by doing something 'arty', whether I am scribbling, painting, burning or gluing. I want to use Harley Bird & Co as a platform to share things that have worked for me and for others.

Essential Oils - Essential oils are an indispensable part of my day, as they provide the flock and myself with a means to support our mental & physical wellness.  We cook with them, clean with them, heal with them, and most importantly, we are mindful with them. We let the oils bring nature's benefits into our home. Given all that they have brought to our world, it would be remiss of us not to empower others with the right oils and the right resources.